BJ & Rachel Chandler // the big cheeses

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Both Gator grads. Fell in love, got married, and had a kiddo! Passionate about real estate, duck hunting, and anything Chip & Joanna

BJ -

Rachel -


Daniel Faunce // really funny

UF grad. Go Gata! Dirty Duval born and raised

Daniel -

Laura Karlin // official uf nav fashionista

Hails from Heartland, America. ​University of Nebraska-Lincoln grad. Laura loves Middle Earth (and wants a tattoo of it on her back!) and anything to do with fashion. Got fashion problems and want to learn about following Jesus? Laura is here to help

Laura -


Rachel Payne        // freshmen phenom

Rachel is a UF grad and former RA 

Rachel -

Austin Soto // the bearded disciplemaker

UNF grad. #swoop.  Cool & hip. Also funny.

Austin -


Zeke Michael // loves red meat

UF grad. World Changer. I like red meat



MK Murphy // everyone's fav FSU gad

MK saw the light and came to UF! We love her and she loves people...well!


Zach Guttierez // the man with the mustache

National Champion. Not really, but UCF grad all the same.​ Enjoys thinking, conversation, good Bible study, and cats, of course


Roy & Debbie Garren // ROTC gurus

The staff team parents. They take good care of us. Two dogs, one Christian counseling practice, and a great ROTC ministry on campus




Matt & Emilie Bahr // So wise

Matt and Emilie love each other, the Word of God, and flowers!



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